Ore reserves and basic reserves in China were 41 tons and 100 tons, respectively, accounted for 27.14% of the world and 21.28% of Raymond mill. But because our country few ore, lean ore more, the average grade is only 17%, Chinas rich life of not more than 20 years. The last mine is mainly used for the production of fertilizer, while the current fertilizer production capacity has been a surplus. Mine is a non renewable resource, is gradually depleted. The decline in domestic mine output increase, but from the current analysis of the steel market situation, in 2009 Chinese ore imports will be reduced by 1 tons; and Chinese mines under construction more, related projects are in advance, it is estimated that more than 1 tons of capacity under construction. Raymond mill For mine enterprises, achieve cut-off protection is not crowning calamity. Because the ore at any time can also re mining, was the top of a loss will be discontinued, a big part of the reason is to protect employment. The group, including local government also help digestion and loss, support. Zhengzhou Hongxing Machinery factory specializing in the production of small ball mill, sand dryer, drum dryer, sand drying machines and other mining machinery equipment, our company relies on strong R & D and production strength, has become the domestic rare crusher, sand making machine export base. Raymond mill Energy saving low-carbon new life, public institutions as example. The so-called "public institutions", refers to all or part of the use of financial funds of the state organs, institutions and organizations. Develop energy-saving program of work of public institutions, in order to reduce the energy consumption and reduce expenditure of public institutions, public institutions funds, give full play to public institutions such example and demonstration effect, promote the whole society to save energy, protect and improve the environment, promote the economic society comprehensive coordinated sustainable development. The new recycling economy development model, in the power, petrochemical, metallurgical, chemical, building materials, nonferrous metals, coal and other key energy consuming industries to support the construction of a number of industrial circular economy in key projects, and radiating role of circular economy of advanced models. Vigorously promoting a total of associated mineral resources comprehensive development and utilization of coal seam gas, and coal gangue, the bulk of industrial waste, straw and other agricultural waste comprehensive utilization, achieve the greatest degree of resource of waste and recycling of renewable resources, and continuously improve the utilization rate of resources. The iron ore industry would also introduce the concept of energy saving and low carbon. In addition, our company also produces: rotary kiln, the Henan composite crusher, Henan Hongxing machine, flotation machine, classifier. The market demand is our driving force and foundation for innovation.